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Be sure to use the same
Username and Email address
On all 3 Accounts

1. Sign Up With the TBC Community at
2. Get Your KringleCash Wallet at
3. Create Your Account With the Kringle Cash Program at 
4. When you’ve completed the 2 previous steps, then
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Steps to FREE Kringle Cash

TBC Coin is Now Worth $224958.34 USD per coin. 

50,000 Kringle Cash will turn into about $500,000.00 and you can collect it for Free for just a few more days. After that it will be 25,000 which will turn into $25,000.00 USD.

Steps for Collecting your Free 50,000 Kringle Cash...

Step 1. Join the Kringle.Cash

Be sure to Use the
Username and Email
on all 3 Accounts.

Step 2. Join the TBC Community

Step 3. Sign Up for your TBC Kringle Wallet

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