An Interesting Thing About An Elephant Is Its Memory.

KringleThere is a trick that has been used by people for many years, in taming elephants. People would set a trap for the elephant they wanted to tame, once the elephant would be trapped, that person would go and free the elephant and the elephant would be his friend for life.

Don’t you think that if the elephant would find out, that the same person who freed him, was also the one who set the trap, the elephant would become his enemy? I think so. That basically shows us how smart an elephant is. But people have a much higher level of intelligence than that. Or maybe not. If so, than why does it seem as if people much rather believe lies than the truth?

Ignorance Is Not Bliss, Its Disaster.

The only answer to that question is mental laziness. People do not want to take the time to educate themselves enough to know what’s going on. I guess it’s much easier to sit and complain about how things are than to do what is necessary to fix them. In order to fix anything, you’ve got to know what the problem is. And I don’t mean the symptom, I mean the cause of the problem.

  • Do you think it’s by accident that there is a so-called milk board that controls who can or can’t sell milk?
  • Do you think it’s by accident, that in farming you have to be huge or nothing?
  • Do you think it’s by accident that most supply stores are massive chains, directing all of the profits of practically all of the world’s resources to just a handful of people?
  • So much so, that less than one half of one percent of the people make more than ninety-nine percent of the money that is being made.

This is Effecting the Entire Globe.

Maybe you are sitting there, reading this and are saying to yourself, I ain’t got no worries, I’m able to make my payments and my credit is good. If that is your attitude, my friend, you have no idea what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about the depopulation that is going on which is an engineered plague sweeping across areas in Africa. Invented by the same people who are spreading this propaganda about saving the planet. Everything comes under the umbrella of laws and regulations. These people are going about creating diversion after diversion to keep people’s attention anywhere but what they are up to.

Don’t Kid Yourself, Thinking There’s Nothing You Can Do.

The entire education system is all in sync with their agenda. If you are reading this and are perhaps wondering if it is really that bad, let me tell you my friend the half has never yet been told. But I urge you to educate yourself and help set things right. Let’s put the opportunities of wealth and prosperity back into the hands of the average person. We as people all have equal rights to this planet and all the wealth in the universe. I do not mean for anyone to get hurt, but that all may be blessed with all of the good he or she wants. Is this possible? I say absolutely! TBC is about education and wealth. You can get both by visiting the link below.

Wealth and Education.

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