How to Claim Your Redd Mailer Coin Winnings



At We continuously run contests which allow our members to win Fabulous Prizes. There prizes consist of traffic packages of various kinds and also various AltCoins. So be tuned in each month to see what’s all to be won.


Below are the steps for claiming your Crypto Coin Winnings.


  1.  In order to collect your Winnings of any of the following coins, You need to make sure you have the correct wallet downloaded. ReddCoin, MoonCoin and HTML5Coin. These are the types of coins that we will be putting in as bonus, mostly. On rare occasion we might put in a special offer of a new coin. Coins go up in price depending on how much they are circulated. ReddMailer helps with that. And of course it’s also a quality traffic generator.
  2. When you have the correct wallet downloaded, please contact us using the form below. In the subject line put… “I won Coin“. In the body, include your Username and the appropriate wallet receive address.


Steps to FREE Kringle Cash

TBC Coin is Now Worth $224958.34 USD per coin. 

50,000 Kringle Cash will turn into about $500,000.00 and you can collect it for Free for just a few more days. After that it will be 25,000 which will turn into $25,000.00 USD.

Steps for Collecting your Free 50,000 Kringle Cash...

Step 1. Join the Kringle.Cash

Be sure to Use the
Username and Email
on all 3 Accounts.

Step 2. Join the TBC Community

Step 3. Sign Up for your TBC Kringle Wallet

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