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At Redd You can Win things like Traffic Packages and different types of Crypto Coins.


If you are not familiar with Redd Mailer, this Viral Mailer was launched with the idea in mind, of getting more coins into the hands of more people. CryptoCurrencies are taking root really well and many of the early adaptors have made millions and even multi millions, while most of the general public don’t even know it exists.



So Viral Mailers are a great way for marketers to promote their products and/or services to other marketers who are obviously looking for ways to increase their income or scale up their business in some way. Viral Maiers are a great way to do that sort of thing and we as marketers enjoy using VMs. gives away coins, some of which hold great value. In fact, one of the coins Redd Mailer is currently giving away is holding an actual value of more than $220,000.00USD per coin. This particular coin will climb in value until it reaches $1, per coin. The amount we are giving away at the present time will be worth a half of a Million Dollars near the end of 2018.



We have many people collecting this coin and with good reason of course. As mentioned above, by accepting the free gift we are offering you right now, you will have $500,000.00 by the end of 2018. The only thing I really wish is that we had a way to share it with Millions of more people, in order to experience the joy of having been instrumental in helping people achieve goals they never thought they’d reach. Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it.

We are Truly Grateful to All our Members, Especially those who have Collected their 50 Free ReddCoin.


It’s been just a few days now since we began advertising ReddMailer and we now have well over 200 members. Thanks to our members helping us with referring. Most of our members have claimed their signup bonus of Free 50 ReddCoin and that is one of the things we were hoping for. Of course we do also offer a nice traffic package VIA the promo code: Redd10555 and All are claiming this package, except for the couple of people who remained with an unconfirmed email address.


Any of you ReddMailer members who may be reading this post, we want you to know that we truly appreciate you using our advertising services. Thank you for being a ReddMailer member. We eventually expect to reach a member base of greater than a million in number.


There is a lot more coin here at RaddMailer to be claimed than just the 50 Free ReddCoin. Because we also give ReddCoin as bonuses in our referral contests. Moving all this ReddCoin will also help the price of ReddCoin to increase. Thanks again and we wish you all a very successful marketing career. Not yet a member? Fix that Here.

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