How to Become a Millionaire

The entire world, the FIAT currency systems have failed time and time again.

Scam ScamQuestion is, at what point will people begin to stand up to the biggest scammers in the world and stop them from gambling with the two most valuable things we have. Have in life, which is time and freedom. CryptoCurrencies have been around for a few years and I realize that it takes time for adaptability to come along and make it mainstream.

When talking to the average person about cryptocurrency, there are two things you soon notice. One, how little they know about cryptocurrency and two, how much they trust the FIAT currency, which is the single most people enslaving fraud ever run in human history. We so badly owe it to ourselves to educate ourselves about what is going on and begin using alternative currencies to protect ourselves.

I realize and appreciate that Gold and Silver are excellent ways to protect one’s assets.

However, when it comes to using currency, cryptocurrency is at the moment more lucrative and much easier to use in the marketplace than Gold Or Silver. My idea is that of using cryptocurrency, for gaining wealth and using as currency as much as possible. At the same time, any money you have to spare, buy Gold and Silver with it for tangible substance and durable assets.

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Because depending on your decision and response. Your life will go accordingly. The Elite have a plan and it is an Evil plan. I urge you to take a little time right now, to learn about some secrets that have been hidden by the elite. Learn about the Biggest Scam in the entire world EVER.

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If this is a new idea for you to think that you can actually become wealthy and be free to live your life on your terms, I suggest giving it some serious thought.

Kringle CashThe first steps to freedom are to start believing in yourself and that you deserve to be Free. No one ever needs to be enslaved to anyone or anything. We are meant to be Free. Society is so arranged that it takes money to enjoy a life of freedom and this is wonderful. Because everybody has been born with a financial genius inside of them and with an incredibly creative intellectual mind.

Knowing all the poverty that exists in the world, we clearly understand that most people live under the illusion that poverty is the only way for them to live. Actually, it’s the exact opposite. the world is full of abundance and the Billion Coin has been created so ordinary people can begin to display this.

We must teach people how to use their marvelous mind, so they can learn to live a life of true freedom. TBC is a Coin which will ultimately end world hunger. I believe this and I have some ideas which will be very effective in accomplishing this. This is truly a huge undertaking but, I truly believe we can and will do this and It’s going to be wonderful. I will be writing more on this in future posts. As we move forward we will be looking for people who want to get involved. Please leave a comment with your thoughts. Thank you.

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In this blog post, I want to talk about a program that I had overlooked, passing it off as a possible scam.


Redd Mailer

However, lately, I’ve been doing some more research on it and ended up putting it in the downline builder of I created ReddMailer for the purpose of helping people wake up more to the idea of using CryptoCurrency for our everyday purchases.


Okay, back to BitConnect, which is what we were talking about. CitConnect Coin at the moment trades at the price of $85.50USD, per coin.


BitConnect is Booming…

This coin is booming right now and it with good reason because many people are catching on to the power of the program that is driving this coin. I know that there are people who are so afraid of losing money that instead of doing some research on an opportunity that somewhat strikes their interest, in order to make up their own informed mind, they rather jump to conclusions on the negative videos of some naysayers who don’t actually know anything about the program they are condemning.


Can You Make Up Your OWN Mind?

Meanwhile, other people who disregarded the cries of naysayers, are profiting Big-Time. Because they made up their own mind, did the research they deemed necessary and moved forward. If you haven’t yet guessed the main point of this post, let me say it plainly. Make up your own mind. Don’t let me or anyone else tell you what to do. Your uncle or next door neighbor is no smarter than you.


Again back to BitConnect. There are countless videos on YouTube crying BCC is a scam, while at the same time there are people profiting Big with BitConnect. I went ahead and invested a couple of hundred dollars into BCC because I’ve done the research I deemed necessary and feel confident that there are Big Profits to be made with BitConnect.


But I Didn’t Do Any Research for You.

You need to make up your own mind and the way I see it, that is the best way. Either way, whatever you decide, I hope that you find yourself profiting and fulfilling all of your wildest dreams.



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