The Western Coin is a New Coin With a Landing Platform Similar to that of BitConnect.

Western Coin

If you don’t know what BitConnect is, it’s a landing platform which has an electronic bot that automatically cashes in on the price volatility of bitcoin and pays the profits to the members who are using the landing platform for the purpose of gaining interest on their money. There are a number of people who have made a good profit with BitConnect.

You’ve Gotta Like The Western Coin…

I think will have greater success than BitConnect did, for the simple reason that more poor people are becoming familiar with the idea of lending out their money to make money with it. The Western Coin till pay up to 40% per month in interest on the money you lend into the program’s landing platform.

BitConnect was just a year old yesterday and they had an amazing party in Thailand. Link to the video is on my blog post. I believe that the Western Coin will Surpass that of BitConnect. Many people. Lend your money to The Western Coin and earn up to 40% per month. I say that The Western Coin will be worth more than $100 in less than 6 months. What a great way to gain profits on autopilot. Learn More Here. You can also find it on

In this blog post, I want to talk about a program that I had overlooked, passing it off as a possible scam.


Redd Mailer

However, lately, I’ve been doing some more research on it and ended up putting it in the downline builder of I created ReddMailer for the purpose of helping people wake up more to the idea of using CryptoCurrency for our everyday purchases.


Okay, back to BitConnect, which is what we were talking about. CitConnect Coin at the moment trades at the price of $85.50USD, per coin.


BitConnect is Booming…

This coin is booming right now and it with good reason because many people are catching on to the power of the program that is driving this coin. I know that there are people who are so afraid of losing money that instead of doing some research on an opportunity that somewhat strikes their interest, in order to make up their own informed mind, they rather jump to conclusions on the negative videos of some naysayers who don’t actually know anything about the program they are condemning.


Can You Make Up Your OWN Mind?

Meanwhile, other people who disregarded the cries of naysayers, are profiting Big-Time. Because they made up their own mind, did the research they deemed necessary and moved forward. If you haven’t yet guessed the main point of this post, let me say it plainly. Make up your own mind. Don’t let me or anyone else tell you what to do. Your uncle or next door neighbor is no smarter than you.


Again back to BitConnect. There are countless videos on YouTube crying BCC is a scam, while at the same time there are people profiting Big with BitConnect. I went ahead and invested a couple of hundred dollars into BCC because I’ve done the research I deemed necessary and feel confident that there are Big Profits to be made with BitConnect.


But I Didn’t Do Any Research for You.

You need to make up your own mind and the way I see it, that is the best way. Either way, whatever you decide, I hope that you find yourself profiting and fulfilling all of your wildest dreams.



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