is an information site for which is an email advertising platform, used by internet marketers for advertising programs such as network marketing programs, MLM and various other make money from home platforms. And of course, Crypto-Currency opportunities, which as of late play a big role in the make money from home industry.

Crypto-Currency Platforms I am Currently Using.

The Billion Coin TBC

Never in human history has a program of any kind existed that har the power to lift the impoverished out of their helpless state and make them wealthier than most of the working class are. This may make some people enveous but there is no need for that because the TBC Crypto-Currency gives equal oppertunity to all. The only thing it depends on is how soon you found out about this oppertunity of wealth. Every new verified member is given 25,000 Kringles which will be worth $250.000 when the TBC coin reaches its ultimate price.

The Billion Coin Mission Statemint.

This is NOT MLM…

What $100,000,000 Can Buy You.

Hidden Secrets of Money (Must See Video)

western coinWestern Coin.

This is a lending platform. The way it works is, you have to deposit Bitcoin into your Bitcoin wallet on the platform, then you exchange your Bitcoin for WesternCoin. Then you lend out your WesternCoin on the lending platform and you get daily interest paid on your investment.


Hextra Coin.

This is also a lending platform. The wirks pretty much the same way as ther lending platforms Hextra Coin has been in existence a bit longer than WC so the coin is higher in price. Hextra Coin Pays up-to 45% Monthly intrest on your investment and it’s paid daily.

Bit Connect.

Bit Connect was the first program that came out with a lending platform and it had done really well of it’s owners and is also responsible for making some people quite wealthy. This program pays a little lower isterest on the investments, but it is none the less pretty good.


Steps to FREE Kringle Cash

TBC Coin is Now Worth $224958.34 USD per coin. 

50,000 Kringle Cash will turn into about $500,000.00 and you can collect it for Free for just a few more days. After that it will be 25,000 which will turn into $25,000.00 USD.

Steps for Collecting your Free 50,000 Kringle Cash...

Step 1. Join the Kringle.Cash

Be sure to Use the
Username and Email
on all 3 Accounts.

Step 2. Join the TBC Community

Step 3. Sign Up for your TBC Kringle Wallet

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